Asam Keping (Garcinia atroviridis) 50g

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Asam Keping (Garcinia atroviridis) 50g Indonesian traditional foods are rich with spices. To add fresh sour taste, Indonesians use various spices such as tamarind (asam jawa), asam sunti, asam gelugur (asam gelugo/asam keping or garcinia atroviridis or Garcinia Cambogia ), asam kandis and asam kranji. Each area probably has different name for Garcinia Atroviridis, but Indonesians especially in Sumatra call it as Asam Gelugur. While Malaysians call it with asam keping. This fruit is said as a family of mangosteen, but it has similarity with orange. Asam keping itself is not only sour, but it riches with vitamin C.
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Product Details
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